XaaS Pricing offers a full range of services to extend the value of the XaaS Pricing platform. XaaS Pricing is software with a service, meaning customers accessing these services get the benefit of subscription access to XaaS Pricing plus the market and competitive pricing intelligence expertise of XaaS Pricing’s analyst team.

B2B subscription companies use XaaS Pricing services to reduce the time and expense of conducting intensive competitive and market pricing intelligence research internally, as well as to augment internal efforts by accessing the breadth and depth of XaaS Pricing’s experience, which spans thousands of engagements completed over the past 10 years.

XaaS Pricing Research Platform

  • Provides self-service access to XaaS Pricing’s data, content and analysis
  • Over 50 metrics on 25,000-plus SaaS companies
  • Monthly and quarterly research reports and regular pricing strategy blogs
  • Ability to slice and dice the data by sector and cohort
  • Access to XaaS Pricing content and in-app pricing page grading service
  • Analysis tools to help compare and contrast peer pricing strategies

Plans start at $49 per user, per month

All plans come with a no-obligations, no credit card required 14-day free trial

Pricing Strategy Benchmarking Service

  • Provides up to three Pricing Analyst seats to XaaS Pricing for an annual term
  • Accompanied by a customized competitive analysis of your category and your five chosen key competitors or peers for the metrics covered in XaaS Pricing
  • Analysis conducted quarterly by XaaS Pricing’s analyst team and delivered in a standard market and competitor pricing analysis report and consultation session
  • Analysis includes an assessment of your company’s pricing strategy and pricing page
  • Analysis is powered by the XaaS Pricing platform and bespoke market, competitor and customer research

Starts at $500 per month but can vary based on scope

Pricing Page Report and Consultation

  • Provides a detailed pricing page grade and analyst assessment report, plus a consultation session to discuss pricing page optimization opportunities
  • This service is used at the onset of a product launch or pricing update to audit the strategy and identify opportunities for optimization prior to launch
  • Customers also receive six months of access to XaaS Pricing’s Pricing Analyst plan to monitor impact of implemented pricing page changes
  • Typical turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks
  • Download this example of a Pricing Page Report and Consultation engagement


Custom Pricing Project

  • Extended pricing analysis of your category or competitors (additional competitors, geographic or customer segmentation, additional metrics)
  • Customer willingness-to-pay research
  • Pricing strategy advisory services
  • Typical projects range 1 to 3 months in duration

Projects typically start at $50,000 and can extend beyond that based on scope