While important, normalizing for pricing model differences is only half of the equation — you also need to consider normalizing the product comparisons you are making.

In this month’s report, we look at how XaaS companies are adapting to the threat of recession and aligning pricing and packaging strategies accordingly.

By assessing changes in pricing and positioning over time, you can diagnose how the company’s value proposition has evolved and how the company has aimed to articulate and capture that value through its pricing.

GitLab’s Open Strategy model makes it hard to beat the company as a case study for learning about pricing strategy.

“Good-better-best” refers to a tiered packaging model for a product or service, in which each successive tier provides additional access to features and/or usage beyond the preceding tier.

SaaS pricing transparency (and lack thereof) is quite possibly the most popular internet topic on SaaS pricing.

If you’re an established SaaS vendor, even if you’re committed to executing a purely value-based pricing strategy, your market category and competitors are going to come into play and warrant analysis for various reasons.

XaaS Pricing Quarterly Trends Report 2Q22

This quarter’s report focuses on the technology industry’s evolution to ‘as a Service,’ profiling developments in key segments.

Appointment scheduling software can address a wide range of use cases and audiences, and often integrate with calendar platforms.

When we’re breaking down a category or company, we’re taking a broader purview that spans pricing presentation, acquisition vehicles, packaging, pricing models, and finally, pricing and discounting